A complete guide on the Paragard IUD legal case


Do you want to know about the IUD claims that victims can get from the Paragard IUD case? Are you also looking for compensation for this case? Well, here we will discuss the IUD case of the United States and the problems which are faced by the victims.

Also in this article, we will tell you the reasons for which the companies of IUD are being sued and the compensation they are ready to provide for their victims. So let’s get started.

What is the Paragard IUD case?

The Paragard IUD case is about the claim for the financial compensation by the companies who are responsible for making defective IUD products and didn’t provide wholesome information to the customers. In this lawsuit, the company Teva pharmaceuticals and CooperCompanies is against the victims of their defective and low-grade products.

IUD is used for birth control but many customers suffered problems because of the breaking of this product in their body. Because of this incident, the customer has to suffer many problems and in some cases, the conditions of the victims were serious too.

On what basis is the accused company being sued?

According to the lawsuit, both Teva Pharmaceuticals and CooperCompanies being sued for:

1.      Defective Design- under the product liability standards and procedures, the pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the injuries if the product is used as it is designed to be or the design of the product indicates some of the risks to the customer.

2.      Manufacturing defect- the IUD product is made from other material or there is some manufacturing defect. To strengthen your case, you can present the testimony of the manufacturing unit or the inspection unit or with the help of forensic analysis.

3.      Improper Labelling: the product should warn about the side effects or the hazards that may be caused by the IUD.

What is the compensation that is given to the victims?

A law firm handling IUD claims asserts that the company who is responsible for this situation should be held accountable for their dangerous product and pay compensation to the victims for their suffering and hard time which they had to face because of the IUD. The compensation should be given in the form of:

·         Medical bills of each victim

·         The wages they have lost because of the pain and suffering

·         All the uncomfortable and hard time

·         A lot of the future earning and damages

Are the injuries serious?

Those who have suffered from these problems claim that the injuries caused by IUD are very painful and also doctors have to perform different surgeries and procedures to remove the pieces of the product from the body. In some cases, pieces get embedded in the body as doctors are unable to take them out which causes problems like:

·         Menstrual pain

·         Infection

·         Organ damage

·         Infertility


With the given facts about the lawsuit, we can say that the companies should give compensation to the victim and provide better products so that the user will stay safe and healthy.

If you are also a victim of the Paragard IUD case, then you should contact the law firm that is handling these cases.

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