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Asking the Right Questions That You Choose the Best Work Injury Attorney


If an employee is injured while on job, he/she is eligible for workers compensation claim. The worker’s compensation system is designed to benefit the employees. Though an injured employee can handle their own claim if they have a straightforward claim, the process isn’t simple in most cases. To get the most out of the compensation, the employee will require the services of an attorney.

A work injury lawyer belonging to Law Offices of Edward J. Singer can help you avail maximum possible compensation. Edward J. Singer has been involved in handling similar cases for 25 years and strikes the best deal for you. Ask the following questions before deciding on an attorney.

Questions to ask worker’s compensation attorney?

  • How long have you been practising? Though any licensed lawyer is eligible of taking up your case, regardless of who you hire, the State has assigned 20% fee. A young lawyer, who has just begun practising law, wouldn’t have the experience and someone in their late 60’s is likely to be semi-practising.
  • Will you handle my case? At times the attorney in your initial consultation would delegate the work to his juniors especially in large firms. Make sure an experienced lawyer is fighting for your case.

  • What percentage of work injury cases do you handle? Find someone who is specialized in handing injury cases. You don’t want a divorce or criminal lawyer handling your case. Avoid hiring attorneys who take up all kinds of cases. An attorney who predominantly handles workers compensation and injuries cases is an ideal choice.
  • What experience do you have with my particular injury and medical care? Lawyers aren’t doctors to be aware about the medical details. But attorneys who have the medical knowledge of your injury will have a better understanding of the seriousness.
  • How many cases do you usually take to trial a year? There is no specific number you are looking for. But if the count is less, the probability of the attorney fighting to get the best for you is less.
  • What can I expect the next 90 days? The attorney should ideally explain how he/she would proceed with the case. They should explain about how they would begin with collecting medical records, call the adjuster and file a trial motion if required.

Beware of attorneys who promise you a huge settlement before they even get the details of your case right. Choose the right lawyer to end up with a fair settlement.

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