Damages Awarded In A Medical Malpractice Case


A medical malpractice claim occurs when a doctor, surgeon, or medical provider makes a mistake while treating a patient. Mistakes may include using the wrong medical procedure or writing an inaccurate prescription. If a patient consumes the wrong medication, it may worsen their health condition. 

The good news is that if a medical provider has wrongly treated you, you can rightfully sue them and recover damages. There are different damages awarded in medical malpractice, and each of them requires solid evidence. A Wytheville Personal Injury Lawyer can help you gather the necessary evidence to recover compensation. 

Damages awarded in a medical malpractice case

  • Medical bills. 

The newly acquired injuries can affect your health significantly. Getting the wrong treatment can not only give you new injuries but also worsen the old ones. It is important that you seek trustworthy medical help as soon as possible. If your health has been affected due to the negligence of another party, it is only fair to seek compensation from them. You can recover the medical bills from the liable medical provider. 

  • Lost wages. 

If a medical provider has worsened your health because of which you have not been able to go to work, then you might have lost several days’ pay. The money you lose is known as lost wages, and you can recover it from the liable party. Lost wages are usually calculated by determining your pay and multiplying with the number of days you have missed work. 

  • Mental pain and suffering. 

Suffering from adverse health conditions and that too because of the negligence of another party can be depressing. Imagine you go to a doctor and trust them to cure your health condition, but instead of making you better, they worsen it even more. Not only does this affect your physical health but your mental as well. 

The court does not ignore the significance of emotional and mental pain and suffering. These damages can be difficult to calculate since putting a dollar value on your emotions is tricky. An experienced attorney can help you recover the best compensation. 

  • Loss of enjoyment of life. 

Loss of enjoyment of life is another example of the damage that considers a victim’s emotional health. Because of the new injuries, you may not be able to enjoy certain things in your life. For example, if you have suffered an injury in your leg and loved to participate in sports, you may no longer be able to play. This might affect your emotional health and cause a loss of enjoyment. 

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