Domestic violence in Sandy: Get an attorney 


People often assume that domestic violence is just about physical abuse. In Utah, even threatening to harm a cohabitant could have severe consequences. If your cohabitant has been abusive, you need to take action and protect your rights. While emotional and verbal abuse may not sound as alarming, your life and safety could be in potential danger. Cohabitants may refer to spouses, family members, people living with you, or someone you have children with. One of the important steps is to call a Sandy domestic violence lawyer to understand your legal options. Here’s how you can deal with domestic violence. 

  1. Don’t miss the signs: Abusers are often ordinary people who appear to be kind and happy. However, you need to watch out for the signs. For instance, you may find it cute that your partner is possessive about you, but over a period of time, this could turn into a dangerous obsession. Beware of a cohabitant who wants to control every aspect of your life or is manipulative or abusive – verbally and emotionally. 
  2. Come up with an escape plan. Because things can escalate quickly, you need to have an escape plan in place. Abusers often react unprecedentedly, and you may have to leave your home with children. Make sure that you have all your essential documents and belongings in a bag and enough money to move out. Let your friends and family members know that you are dealing with domestic violence. 
  3. Get in touch with an attorney. You can let an attorney help you get a restraining order, which will prevent the defendant from contacting you or getting close to you. Ensure that you hire an attorney with experience in handling domestic violence matters. Lawyers can also advise you on how to deal with the situation better, and if things turn worse, they can call the police and get the abuser arrested. You can ask the attorney to get an “ex parte” order, which doesn’t require the defendant to be present for the initial hearing and is effective immediately. 

Final word

Nothing in life is worse than being abused by someone that you trust. If you are in an abusive marriage or have been subjected to domestic violence for a while, don’t wait for long to take legal action. If you have minor children, you have more reasons to be worried. Their safety should be your priority, and an attorney can help you deal with all the hassles through legal support. 

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