Few Informative Lines on Divorce Process in Virginia


Divorce proceedings can cause havoc on your emotions. The whole process seems to be quite complicated, thus there are high chances of you not able to take clear decisions and feel frustrated during this phase. Hence, the best way possible is to gain general information about the facts associated with divorce cases.

Usually, expert divorce attorney in Poquoson such as Denbigh Law Center make added efforts to explain every detail terms of divorce proceedings in understandable easy language. Their clients feel tensed and able to think clearly about the right steps to have stress free divorce.

Here are few legal facts regarding divorce cases:

  • Two forms of divorce: One is with fault and the second one is no fault of yours.
  • No fault: To go for the former kind of divorce, you both need to live separately in different places without any interaction for at least one year. However, if you are parents of a minor age child and has valid separation agreement you need to leave separately for six months to get your divorce.
  • Fault: For the fault divorce usually one spouse is at fault, thus the other spouse needs legal proof to prove in the court about the wrong doings of their spouse that caused trouble in their married life.
    Contested and uncontested.
  • Contested: While decision is taken to divorce each other, the couple isn’t able to have mutual agreement on few aspects of divorce.
    Uncontested: The couple agrees to every step involved in having final divorce procedure to complete.

You need to stay in the state for six months at least before filing for divorce case in the court of Virginia. Your appointed divorce lawyer Newport News will be ready to help if the whole divorce process moves on till the State grants divorce.

You need to understand that a divorce case is a lengthy affair, thus it is best to be emotionally prepared about the outcome. Sometimes, if a divorce is filed as your spouse has breached the marriage vows the court may not favor your clause of having divorce due to lack of proper evidence. Hence, before filing for such divorces collect as much evidence as possible. It will be always better to settle for legal agreement with mutual understanding as it saves time and you won’t feel mentally stressed. In many well-handled divorce cases both the spouse lawyer work together to settle the matter favorably for both of you and your children if any.

Hence, make sure to appoint an expert divorce lawyer once you finalize divorce from your spouse.

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