Is it possible to reopen a car accident claim?


You might later regret your decision to settle a personal injury case. Maybe you’d like to have the case reopened. Sadly, once you decide to settle an automobile accident claim, it cannot be reopened. 

You must make sure to get the most money possible from a personal injury settlement because it is final. You can achieve that goal with the aid of an accomplished accident lawyer. Get in touch with Philadelphia, PA car accident attorneys if you were hurt in an accident.

What Exactly Is a Liability Release?

An agreement that stops litigation in a personal injury case is known as a release of liability. It is typically made between an insurance company and the injured party. A discharge of liability prevents you from taking the case back to court. Speak with an accident lawyer in your area before you sign a release of culpability.

What Purpose Serves a Release of Liability?

You cannot reopen a claim for an automobile accident once it has been closed. An injury settlement comes to a conclusion with a discharge of liability. By signing a release of liability, you give up your right to later sue the defendant or the insurance provider for harm brought on by the auto accident. You won’t be able to get any more money from the insurance company after signing a release of liability.

What Exactly Is In a Liability Release Agreement?

The specifics of the arrangement between the insurance provider and the accident victim are outlined in a release of liability. A release of liability is intended to put an end to litigation. Thus it will include all the necessary details for a settlement.

You may be given a release of liability that covers the following, depending on the specifics of the case:

  • The final settlement’s monetary value
  • Any unpaid medical expenses
  • any liens for subrogation that Medicaid/Medicare have filed
  • In its statement, the insurance provider disputes responsibility for the mishap.

The insurance company’s denial of liability is the clause in a release of liability that should be taken the most seriously. 

A car accident attorney can help you understand the terms before you sign the release. Read it carefully and speak to them before you sign it. By acknowledging that the insurance company is not liable for your injuries, you sign this agreement, which is binding.

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