How to Defend a Domestic Violence Case in Phoenix


A domestic violence conviction is not taken lightly in Phoenix. The charges for the case can be more severe than you think. Domestic crime sentences can result in limitations like jail, probation, loss of child visitation rights, and gun possession privileges.

According to the state’s laws, if you are charged with domestic assault in Phoenix, remember that it is not easy to get your charges dropped. The only way to come out of the tunnel is with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney Phoenix.

So, how do you defend a domestic violence case in Phoenix?

By Presenting Your Side of the Story During Trial

The criminal defense attorney you hire should come up with a plan to tell your side of the story during the trial in Phoenix. As Arizona’s Domestic Violence statute says that certain crimes committed against any person you have a close relationship with are considered domestic violence, the only way to bring your reasoning to light is by presenting your story to the jury.

If the prosecutor controls the narrative in a biased way, then your case may start to lose the hold. Work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Phoenix and come up with a solid legal argument.

By Using Character Witnesses to Defend The Allegations

In case a plea bargain seems to be too far away, the Phoenix criminal defense attorney will advise you to go to the trial. Once you accept this, the lawyer will then assemble a list of character witnesses who will testify on your behalf against the domestic violence case.

Under Section 13-3601 of the Arizona law, the Phoenix and Arizona courts will charge domestic brutality as the underlying crime in the case involved. As domestic violence can lead to even a physical assault charge in Phoenix, more people must testify in your favor. Be it family members, close friends, or coworkers; they must talk about your good qualities and history to the court.

By Using the Self Defense Card

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Phoenix can defend a domestic violence case in the courts by using affirmative defenses like crime prevention, self-defense, defensive firearm display, and supporting others. Domestic violence cases under the Arizona law system allow the defendant to use these defenses to claim that the action was carried out as a means of self-protection or for protecting others.

By Ruling Out the Proof or Evidence

Depending on the type of offense committed, the domestic violence case can be categorized under Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 misdemeanor under the Arizona law. If the crime is committed in Phoenix, you will face jail time and pay penalties for a good long time based on the extent of the crime.

The lawyer may use one of the most important defenses in the book to rule out your case. By asserting that the state does not hold enough proof that you were involved in committing a domestic violence crime, is a sure-shot way of dismissing the case.

Receiving a domestic violence conviction can turn out to be a lifelong burden. Every step you take in life, the footprints of the case will follow you. If you are pulled into such a case, reach out to a criminal attorney in Phoenix for guidance and support.

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