Things to Know About Meeting a Lawyer for Personal Injury Claims


Personal injuries are quite challenging because it happens due to no mistake of the person who is harmed. The pain and loss are highly personal and the grief cannot be shared. However, at least, personal injury lawyers in South Florida could help you claim some financial compensation from the other party for whose mistakes you are paying the price.

In South Florida, Cecere Santana law firm has a team of knowledgeable and well experienced lawyers that can represent your case if you were affected by any accident and suffering a personal injury. They know all the intricacies of such a situation and they help personal injury victims win their claims and compensations that they deserve.

They offer free consultation over phone and you can find their phone number on their website. Their website even has a live chat facility which you can use to discuss and give all initial information about the case and get legal advice on how to go about.

Filing a case and winning a compensation for personal injury

When an injury is caused and it had occurred due to the negligence or the misconduct of the other people, be it your employer or a fellow driver on the roads etc. Most lawsuits are filed against the negligent attitude of the defendants which has caused this damage to the victim.

In most cases, if you prove the negligence of the defending party, then you are eligible for a compensation of restoration. The defendants are held responsible to put you and things back in place just the way it was before the accident.

What to take while you go to meet your attorney?

  • A copy of the accident report given by the police department
  • Photograph of the accident spot and damage caused and the injury caused
  • Estimate of the repair and the treatment or the total bill of the treatment, if already taken.
  • A complete medical report of the victim both before and after the accident, may be after the treatment as well.

  • All your insurance information and the paperwork that elaborates the insurance cover.
  • Proof of other expenses related to your injury
  • Document of loss of wages due to this injury.

Before you go to meet your attorney for the first time, do some homework and be prepared to answer his questions as well as ask him your questions and concerns that you might have.

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