Why Does Your Company Need A Lawyer?


Preventive consulting work carried out by a general practitioner is a necessary investment today, regardless of the company’s size. It is essential to have a lawyer who helps your company make the best decisions and avoid lawsuits, tax assessments, and other problems in an unstable economic scenario. When your company has preventive advice from an experienced lawyer such as Sequoia Legal business lawyers for example, there is much more legal certainty in all the company’s strategies.

Prevention is better than cure; the practice of prevention in legal matters is essential for any company.

Why Preventive Consulting Is Essential For Your Company

Have you ever heard that a smart person solves a problem, but a wise person prevents it from happening? When it comes to preventive legal advice, the reasoning is the same. Solving a legal problem cannot be left for later, as unresolved legal issues can hurt the business for a long time. In addition, in many cases, the consequences of this legal problem can lead to the extinction of the company’s activities.

For this reason, the best way out is to anticipate legal problems before they happen and not wait for them to happen, thus avoiding wasting time and money that could be spent in strategic areas of the business.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Legal Problems?

Preventive legal advice is undoubtedly the best way to prevent legal problems.

The first step is to carry out a general diagnosis of the company, from contracts, payroll, outsourcing, tax, labor, family, succession issues, etc. Check now some essential points that a preventive consultancy works:

  • Preparation of legal opinions before making decisions
  • Creation and implementation of a Compliance and Corporate Governance program
  • Carrying out succession and estate planning and creating a Family Holding
  • What, at first, may seem like an expense is an investment! Remember: Prevention is better than cure

How To Avoid Problems With The Labor Court

Evidence is the primary element for the success of a cause. For this reason, they must be produced and collected over time, even before one is surprised by a citation of a lawsuit. Some points that can be thought about and worked on with greater care are:

  • A well-written contract that correctly aligns the interests at stake
  • Tax declarations consistent with the best regime applied to your business
  • Hiring third-party services that are aligned with the needs of your company
  • Efficient credit analysis systems

Among other preventive actions, those mentioned above bring security to your enterprise. And the best news: work of this nature generates much lower costs for law firms, which is reflected in the value of the services charged.


Every company needs smart strategies to stay competitive and consolidate its brand in the market. So, if your company has pending issues or any potential legal problem that could cause future losses, stay tuned! Always count on a lawyer to carry out constant preventive consultancy work for your company in an accessible way and without bureaucracy!

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